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Hello, you recently contacted me on Tumblr about a promotion for Teen Wolf. I am sorry for bothering you, however I have a dear friend, Randall Brown, age 17, that was in a near death accident Saturday, July 26th around 9:30 PM. Randall was at a family birthday event and jumped into a private pond feet first. However, the water was very shallow, less than three feet, he somehow damaged the discs in his neck; one of the disc shattered sending fragments into his spinal cord. Randall recently endured two surgeries on July 27th at Texas Children Hospital in Houston, Texas. The doctors were able to remove the fragments and the discs, as well as repaired two other discs that were damaged in the accident. He has feeling from the waist up and is going to be on a breathing tube for the next week. He is seventeen and will probably never be able to walk again. Randall’s absolute all time favorite band is Panic! At The Disco, they are scheduled to perform at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion in The Woodlands, Texas on August 19th. He purchased tickets to the upcoming concert; however due to his current condition he will be unable to attend because he will be hospitalized for the next three to four months. my question to you is there any possibility that you could help us contact the lead singer or manager of Panic! At The Disco, our main objective is to ask if the band or a member(s) of the band are willing to pay a quick visit to Randall in the hospital while they are in town for the concert. If there needs to be a payment for a visit we are willing to do so. Thank you for your time and effort. Attached is a video of Randall singing a cover of Folkin’ Around by Panic! At The Disco. Please message me with all information!

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